Sneak Peak for my sis – Lincoln, NE High School Senior Photo Session

This week I had the opportunity to do one of my favorite things…do a photo session with someone in my family. It is a special priviledge to photograph the people I love. Anyway, on to the good stuff…Here is a sneak peak for my sister Jill’s senior photo session. Jill was visiting me for the weekend and we had the chance to do multi-location session starting at my house and ending at the train station in Lincoln. Although she has moved out of state Jill grew up in Lincoln so she really wanted to do part of her senior session here. We had a great time digging through her suitcase laying out her wardrobe and coming up with a plan for a session that was really tailored to the look she wanted. Jill, I love ya…you are a beautiful girl inside & out. Hope you enjoy your images. Jas