Milford NE family and child photographer – The only son

I was holding this sneak peak for my SIL because the lucky girl is vacationing in Mexico right now, but once I found out they took their laptop along I thought it would be a fun surprise for them. Between their outings to the beach & snorkeling adventures they could get a cute little reminder of their sweet little stinker of a son. I am a bit jealous that they are on the beach while I am freezing my tail off but I will try my best to remain focused! I recently did a session with their six year old son. He is the only boy out of 4 children {poor kid}. So when I told him we were going to go take his pictures at the park (all by himself) I think he was secretly thrilled.

D-man is a really sweet, smart & handsome kid. It was such a treat to spend a little quiet time with him without all of the other kids around. He is full of funny stories & sweet expressions. I just took it all in! He was in his element outdoors, he was throwing sticks into the creek & running around…stopping every so often to take more pictures. It was a lot of fun. This time of year is tough to schedule outdoor shoots. It is getting dark really early & the weather is really unpredictable, but we were blessed. It was a beautiful day.

Mom & Dad, hope you are having a great time in Mexico. Enjoy the sand & sun & enjoy your sneak peak!