Lincoln NE child photographer – Every, ordinary day

Often times the pictures you see of my children include brushed hair, appropriate outfits, smiles, and good lighting and maybe even a little help from Photoshop. But this week I am thowing that all out the window. These are my kids (well two of them, the third was still napping). I pulled out my light the other day and decided to take some pictures of my kids playing at the table. There was a collective groan when I appeared on the scene. I told them I just wanted to take pictures of them playing. The light was just because it was dark in the house (even though it was 5:30!!!). They continued playing with a look of distrust. But then they realized I was true to my word…I did not ask them to smile. I did not change their shirts…I just watched them play & documented the process. It is amazing how creative and simple children are. They can find joy in just about anything…in this case a bunch of cars, a clipboard & some corn that belongs in our corn stove. They played for an hour with just those few things. By the end they were looking up and smiling for the camera, by choice, not because I asked them to. But I am not choosing to share those pictures today. I want to share these. Because I don’t want to forget how much they amaze me every day and who they are when no one is watching. I hope I can always remember to take this type of picture & share it too…unimpressive, undoctored, natural pictures of who they are. So that I never forget!

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