Newborn & Sibling Photo Session – Premie

After 6 months without blogging I am back at it. This session is an oldie but a it seemed like a good place to start (working alphabetically at this point, ha!) This little peanut was born early and had to spend over a week in the NICU. She was 19 days old by the time we took her newborn pictures. But she was a dream. Even though I never had a NICU baby I remember how scary those early days with a baby are. The days where you wonder about every little noise & every wet diaper. Are they eating enough? Do all babies act like that? Why can’t I seem to calm my own baby? In the past months I have been considering all the stress of new motherhood and I want this place to be a place where you feel supported. I have many new moms come into the studio full of questions & doubts about what they should be doing. Although I am not an expert sometimes moms just need to hear another mom say “You are dong great”, “This too shall pass” or remind them of resources to help with issues they are facing. I am not sure how my vision for this will all pan out but I hope we can form a community of women who stand beside eachother and share our experiences. Because we are all in this together!
White Acorn Newborn Premie Breastfed Sibling Session.jpg