A little advance planning on your part will ensure that your images look amazing. When it comes to wardrobe, be sure to be yourself. Dress in a style that you are comfortable and confident in, it will show in your portraits. Set a color palette or tonal range and go from there. We think coordinating is better than everyone matching.

A few more things to consider:
-Consider the location of your portraits. Will they be in the studio, a field, or an urban setting? Do you want your clothing to blend with the environment or contrast?

-Consider where you plan to display your portraits. Will they go in a coffee table book or be hung on the wall in your living room? Considering the style and color range of the room in which you will display your images may help in your wardrobe decisions.

-Newborns are normally photographed in the nude or in a diaper. We have a large prop stash of hats, headbands and wraps in the studio that we use to accessorize newborn sessions.

-For Parents of newborns who wish to be included in newborn portraits simple clothing is often best.  For these images we are focusing on the connection between parents and their new baby so we suggest solid colors or simple patterns in the color tone you feel most comfortable in.  Neutrals are always a great choice.

-Babies under a year look cute in just a diaper cover or naked. It is so simple and beautiful.  In addition when choosing clothing for this age fit is key.  Make sure the outfits you choose fit well and look nice even when the child is wiggling and moving around (because they will!).  Bulky collars should be limited.  If you choose a collared shirt make sure it lays nicely before you leave (iron as needed).

-Layering, and experimenting with textures are great ways to add interest to your outfits. One statement piece per person is a fun way to add personality.

-Remember all looks should be head-to-toe looks as we may photograph you from a variety of ranges and angles.  Kids look great with bare feet.  In studio and weather permitting feel free to remove shoes.

-Kids look great in traditional classic pieces OR fun and funky. If you aren’t sure what you will like, bring both!

Feel free to have fun & show you and your family’s personality.