A little sweetness

I was having an awful day…a self imposed funk. All the little things were getting to me. The kids were being bratty, the house was a mess (mostly due to my bratty kids), summer vacation is almost over, my husband is working like crazy, and I have a ton of half finished projects on my hands. I could not shake my funk all day. I tried to get more accomplished, tried to make decisions, ate cake and drank iced coffee in leiu of lunch…nothing was working. And then I picked up my camera and walked outside. It was like instant therapy for me. I was able to see the beauty of everything around me (even my bratty kids). I am so thankful for this thing that I love, this creative outlet that allows me to see beauty one frame at a time, for my camera, for my lens, for my two healthy eyes. I <3 photography & I think some days is <3s me back. Today was one of those days. I needed a little sweetness & I got it!