Lincoln Nebraska Children’s Photographer – The sweetest little gentleman

This two year old cutie was my client for Tuesday this week. He was one of those kids that when I saw him I knew we were going to have an awesome photo session. That was even before mom had him dressed. He just has that something special. A sweet smile, sparkly eyes & a fun personality. He was a total gentleman {my husband might need to take pointers from him}, he helped me to carry my pint sized chairs from my car to our shooting location…it was adorable! We really had a lot of fun during our session. I know I say that a lot but it is really true. This session felt more like a playdate at the park. It was laid back and beautiful. Towards the end of our session little S started getting a little tired of the camera. We made a deal that he could help me take a picture of his pooh buddy and look at it on my screen if he would let me take one more of him after that. The result was the close-up shown…one of my faves from the session. Totally worth bargaining with a two year old!!!! Thank you Terri for sharing your sweet boy with me for the morning…enjoy your sneak peak.