Milford NE children photographer – two tween sweeties

I had a fun outing (I mean photo session) with two of my adorable nieces yesterday. Spending time photographing them was such a pleasure for me because honestly I don’t spend near enough time with them without a bunch of other children all hanging around. While photographing them it became painfully obvious that they are growing up (way too fast!) They are totally out of that “little kid” stage and entering the world of tweens. They are both super smart, kind, energetic, fun & sweet on top of being such beautiful girls on the outside.

We had a great time with their shoot. My SIL gave me free reign and told me I could do whatever I wanted to do. So I decided to let the girls help during the styling process & while picking shooting spots and poses. I brought along a basket full of headbands, hats and accessories and let the girls pick what they wanted…they did a great job! We took lots of pictures for mom but we also had some fun at the end and took a bunch for them (and for me!) Thanks Kelly for trusting me to capture the uniqueness of your girls…I really can’t express how beautiful they are inside & out! Here is a sneak peak!